The Green Industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United States. It is expected to put up to $130 billion on an annual basis into the U.S. economy by 2024.

The attorneys at Singer Law provide cannabis legal services to clients throughout the State of New Jersey.

At the legal cannabis law firm of Singer Law, our knowledgeable and adept attorneys have helped entrepreneurs navigate and master the complex medical commercial cannabis regulatory framework in New Jersey, and is now poised to focus on helping everyone in the adult-use recreational arena.

Starting January 1, 2021, the New Jersey Constitution the possession and use of marijuana for persons age 21 and older will be legal, as will be the cultivation, processing, and sale of retail marijuana.

However, the actual legislation related to the legalization of marijuana still has to be drafted and passed by the legislature and Governor’s office.

The new laws will apply to all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) levels above 0.3% on a dry weight basis.

Based on our research, we at Singer Law have an idea of what the State will require from future applicants.

The new application process will likely require you to submit, along with your application, your plans for the proposed facility. The State will likely request information such as background checks for owners and employees, zoning information, source of funds documentation, adherence to distance requirements, ownership verification, and many other seemingly unrelated material. Our Monmouth cannabis attorneys are here to help you so that when the legislation is finalized, you can hit the ground running.

Additionally, there will likely be other regulatory issues with which the cannabis lawyers of Singer Law can help you and your business comply. For example, there will likely be strict rules regarding cultivation and inventory, as well as labeling and record-keeping requirements. Furthermore, there will likely be minimum standards for the building in which the facility is located. Finally, all cannabis will likely need to be securely grown, stored, weighed, inventoried, displayed, and sold.

Repercussions for non-compliance with New Jersey’s marijuana laws and statutes can be severe and can put your business in jeopardy. Depending on the harshness of the offense, penalties can include an administrative hearing, a fine, loss of licensure, or the closure of the facility. It will be vital to ensure that you comply with New Jersey’s cannabis laws.

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Whether you are interested in opening, buying, or investing in a cannabis business in New Jersey, a nationwide CBD or other non-THC cannabinoid business, the cannabis law lawyers of Singer Law are here to provide understanding, guidance, legal services, and industry connections. Contact Singer Law today to schedule a consultation so we can learn more about your business and determine the best way forward!


  • Corporate/entity formation
  • Help with all aspects of the New Jersey and local application processes for medical and retail licensure, including licensing for growing, handling, and selling (both wholesale and retail) marijuana.
  • Representation at Licensing hearings
  • Assistance in developing a legally compliant business plan
  • Defense of Administrative Actions, including citations and notices of revocation
  • Development of legally compliant investment and funding models
  • Regulatory and Compliance Training
  • Contract Review, including real estate purchases, business purchase agreements, and leases
  • Due Diligence checks for license acquisitions
  • Contract Drafting, including investment documents, purchase agreements, and employment contracts